Akshay Dosaj on Managing Multiple Brands & Scaling Biryani Pot

December 28, 2019

About This Episode

In The Forward Thinking People Podcast with Namita Ramani, Akshay Dosaj, managing director of Purple Honey Group talks to us about how he manages 7 restaurants in Dubai, the challenges and benefits of working with his spouse, and how the group keeps innovation on the forefront – so much so that they received the Indian Innovator Award in 2016 by Entrepreneur Magazine for the fastest growth in the region. In this podcast, he reveals their vision & journey to achieving their goal of opening 30 restaurants in 2020.

Things we discuss:

  • Akshay’s role at Purple Honey Group
  • Struggles & challenges of managing multiple brands & locations
  • Maintaining balance while working with your spouse
  • The importance of branding & how it sets each business apart
  • Finding a roadmap to systemize consistency & quality
  • Inculcating constant innovation & growth

Notable moments:

(16:51): The mindset shift isn’t easy to do and its much much harder having multiple brands

(23:34): It took 6 months and 700 food trials to get it right

(51:00): Be ready to know that if you forecasting to do a 100,000 you are going to do 20,000, build your whole model on that basis


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