Namita Ramani with Dr. Natalia on adding authenticity in her role as a Personal Branding Strategist and an ‘Edutainer’

May 10, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, Namita talks to Dr. Natalia Weichoski on how she helps individuals stand out from the grey crowd – online and offline. The award-winning speaker shares her journey on how she found her true calling as a LinkedIn Marketing guru, a Forbes Coaches Council Member, a Top 100 Leader in Education, Bestselling Author and the Middle East’s leading Edutainer.

Things we discuss:

  • How Natalia left her passion for dance and shifted from Germany to start a career in education in Al Ain
  • How she was extremely successful on the outside but “dead” on the inside
  • How she decided to take a nine-month sabbatical to take ownership of her life and changing the way she thinks, speaks and acts
  • How she unlearned everything to find a true form of expression and happiness
  • Finding the right social platform to express herself.
  • Going viral and developing a new, unique training program, which combines the most successful elements out of performance coaching, personal branding and public relations
  • How to present yourself and your careers as brands and build an authentic and professional online image

Notable Moments:

22:25 – I learnt how to meditate, I started waking at 5oclock. I learnt a lot about NLP and how much victim language I was using so I needed to change my language as well. I changed the way I eat. Stopped coffee, stopped alcohol, stopped fast food. Went more into cooking and read upto 5-6 books per week and studied all of these people from all around the world and their version of happiness, their version of success, their dream job, entrepreneurship.

23:32 – I came to the realization that happiness and success are very individual concepts and the majority of the people don’t have the guts to dig deep enough and find their own answers . And that’s why the majority of the people live mediocre lives and are unhappy. And because of that they get sick, first their soul gets sick or their vibration, their energy. Or if you suffer long enough,it gets physical. And it’s all your soul trying to knock at your door and saying “Hey! do what I told you to do, I just want to have fun and express myself.”

42:15 – Video is such a powerful tool. There are so many studies that by 2025, all social media content will be video. So i mean, whether you like it or not, sooner or later you have to face it. And by video you build such a stronger connection.

56:00 – We are so much more powerful than we think we are. Our power as a human being, the mind, our visualization, our feelings, our heart. We are supernatural when we know how to tap into that. But in order to go there you really need in order to do the self work. And I believe that life turns us into an onion so you need to peel. And the closer you peel an onion, what will happen, you’ll start crying.

01:02:35 – If everyone was to work a little bit more on him or herself and reconnect to the sole source or the divine, how do you call it, it would be so much easier and so much more fun and so much more creation and less of the struggle and pain.

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