Eda Gungor, the Spiritual Entreprenuer, on How She Manifested Life’n One & Made It Thrive

January 13, 2020

About This Episode

Eda Gungor, also known as Seva Bhagti Kaur, is a spiritual entreprenuer from Turkey and the founder of Life n One Wellbeing center in Jumeirah 1 in Dubai. From having no money to pay rent to opening up this magical center, Eda tells us about how she manifested her vision to life, how she attracts staff with the same values, and how she keeps her business authentic.

Things we discuss:

  • The journey of Life n One coming to life
  • How Eda connects & attracts the best teachers across the globe to teach at her center
  • Current challenges in running the center
  • Marketing strategies & how they maintain footfall with limited marketing efforts
  • How Eda applies spirituality to her business
  • Regrets, gut instincts & dealing with doubt & fear
  • The process of hiring staff that are aligned in value systems

Notable moments: 

(3:06): We feel like we’re caught in something, and not all of us find the courage to break the shell – somehow I’m one of those who broke the shell and trying to help people to break the shells

(3:55): I was a little bit surprised by work life – I was like oh, okay, no one likes each other, everyone hates each other, no one says good morning and I have to do this everyday 9-5, like every day till we die.. so I think I started to go crazy there a little bit


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