Justine Corrado on Entrepreneurial Burnout, Delegation, & Enhancing Customer Service at Basiligo

November 29, 2019

About This Episode

In The Forward Thinking People Podcast with Namita Ramani, Justine Corrado, owner of Basiligo, a gourmet meal delivery company based out of Abu Dhabi takes us through her entrepreneurial journey, starting right from the tender age of 8. She shares her struggles with wanting to achieve the perfect customer experience, while also struggling with entrepreneurial burnout and learning the value of delegation to really take Basiligo to the next level.

Things we discuss:

  • How Basiligo was founded
  • Coming up with the right pricing strategy
  • Maintaining stellar customer service while also balancing profits
  • Importance of customer retention
  • Standing out in a saturated and competitive industry
  • Overcoming entrepreneurial burnout
  • The importance of retaining top talent

Notable moments:

(13:31): When I first started the company my idea was I am going to change the menu every 2 weeks and it will be an evolving menu… and that went out of the window very fast.

(28:35): As an entrepreneur it is important to understand where other people can fill the gaps and to recruit people to come on board and look at things with their own set of eyes.

(31:24): We did fall victim of putting print ads in magazines and newspapers like you said, but then there was no return on it so we quickly learnt that print media is out and digital media is the way to go.


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