Nea Ferrier on How She Left Corporate PR to Open a Self-Invested Yogashala in Dubai, Nilaya House

December 16, 2019

About This Episode

In The Forward Thinking People Podcast with Namita Ramani, Nea Ferrier, a former PR professional and now the owner of Nilaya House Yoga, talks about her incredible journey moving across Australia, Singapore, Japan, India and finally Dubai, to open her Yogashala. In this conversation, find out how she left fear behind, followed her gut instincts and the risks she struggled with in her pursuit of living and building a self-invested business founded on authentic experiences and service to others.

Things we discuss:

  • Nea’s incredible journey to learn & pursue yoga
  • How she went from 2 students to having full classes
  • Importance of setting intentions in your business
  • Why and how she decided on self-investing into the business
  • The process of finding the right teachers for the Yogashala
  • Balancing the passion for yoga with the logistics of business
  • How to take tough decisions between the practice & the bottom line
  • Using her intuition to guide her in business

Notable moments:

(5:44): I had a great job, I was traveling… But there was a feeling I had inside that was growing, the feeling of “is this all there is”?

(39:11): Many of my decisions are just based on, I can’t explain it to somebody, but I FEEL like this is right – which is also why I didn’t want investors, because I really didn’t want to have to answer to somebody.

(43:42): People were saying to me, when you do your cash flow and business plan, you need to plan for 6 months of working capital – and I was like, that’s great but i don’t have that, I have to hit the ground running right from the start.


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