Nina Ubhi on Her Epic Journey Of Building A Beauty Brand With Her Husband

May 22, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, Nina talks about how her passion for art and creativity led her into the world of fashion and beauty. Armed with talent and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Nina launched her own brand, The Mink Lashes and wants to inspire other women to be fearless with their approach to beauty.

Alongside Nina is her husband, Bobby who is the operational backbone of the brand. Bobby talks about why he decided to switch gears in his successful banking career and support his wife’s dream to build an international beauty empire.

Things we discuss:

  • How Nina got inspired by fashion and modelling at a very young age
  • How she started her journey with Estee Lauder and learned the basics of business
  • How she built her own experience by breaking the boundaries
  • Standing out from her competitors by offering additional services
  • How technology has made it so easy for people to put across their talent
  • Exploring new dimensions of her business that don’t need her constant presence
  • How Bobby helped her understand business operations on a whole new level
  • Being encouraged by Bobby to take risks and have faith
  • Learning to make it work both in business and marriage
  • Being genuine as an influencer and choosing the right brands to endorse
  • The importance of finding the right mentor

Notable Moments:

20:24 – I’ll be honest. I didn’t think to myself that this when I was freelancing, that it is just something on the side for me. I knew that I wanted to be huge. I wanted to make sure that this business is a success. And I wanted to be a lot more business savvy compared to my competitors who were out there.  That was always in my mind.

27:00 – You can’t continue doing business in a way where you are not making the money. Ultimately you’re in for business, not for fun. There is a bottom line that you need to look in as well.

45:00 – I had a very strong business core DNA into me from a very young age. Because I was working in a bank, I was not able to utilize the experience that I had because I was working for someone else.

57:00 – I don’t think it’s often that you’ll find a husband and wife able to work with each other. I have to say, we do that pretty well.

1:27:32 – If I have got collaborations to come through paid or through social media bookings and it’s something that I genuinely don’t use, and there have been many, I won’t do it. Because it isn’t just about the money. You have to be genuine.

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