Ramez Helou, on Building An Authentic Sales Team & Relationship-Oriented Sales Cycle For Business

April 25, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, Namita interviews her sales guru, Ramez Helou, Founder and CEO of “The Academy for Sales Excellence”. After reaching the position of Business Head at Unilever in 2009, Ramez stepped away to pursue his passion for keynote speaking and sales training. Today Ramez has trained over 100,000 sales professionals in 5 continents by teaching them about authenticity and relationship-building instead of conventional sales techniques.

Things we discuss:

  • His journey of leaving a high-paying job as Business Head at Unilever to start his own sales training center
  • How he built a thriving business after starting as a one-man show
  • Defining his own niche when the Dubai market was going through a recession
  • Understanding objection is not rejection and dealing with points of objection before the client points it out
  • Why it’s important to come across as a helper rather than a seller and living up to the promise
  • Why time management is the most important resource for an entrepreneur
  • Why relationship building is so important in finding your target audience
  • How to differentiate your business from the competition & utilizing the latest tools to build authority
  • Namita’s own personal experience and transformation after taking coaching from Ramez
  • His signature 10-week journey for business entrepreneurs that combines learning and a coaching session

Notable moments:

(12:00) – What if you train them and they leave? What if you don’t train them and they stay

(18:30) – Are you a giver of values or a taker?

(32:35) – Many people started asking me how do you do it… Packaging yourself and developing a product which allows them to free up their time so they can scale and they have a peace of mind that, God forbid, if anything happens it can provide for them later on

(35:05) – You may be an expert in online marketing, but you might not be an expert in converting one to one conversation. You still have to sit down with the marketing directors of your clients and you need to be able to understand how a competitive pitch happens.  Maybe you’ve had them happen to you but now, to be on the launching side of that. Oh my God! It’s a completely different skill.

(44:15) – To sell is to serve! It’s a philosophy.

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