Reim ElHouni Founder of Ti22 Films on Her Love for Film & Reaching New Heights in the Media Industry with Namita Ramani

June 27, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, Reim El Houni, talks about the challenges she faced in the filmmaking, tv and digital industry and how she has to constantly be on top because of the evolutionary nature of these mediums. She talks about perseverance as she shares her journey which began 20 years ago as a production runner to winning the bronze medal in The New York Festival’s World’s Best Television & Films in 2018.

Things we discuss:

  • How things are changing and video content is now a MUST for everyone
  • Pitching an online show, Dubai on Demand, back in 2014 when brands didn’t see the value of being online
  • Focusing on the social media landscape and working with influencers to help them grow
  • Redefining the meaning of ‘influencers’ and helping content creators grow with a solid social media strategy
  • How Linkedin and Instagram is one of the strongest social media channels in this region
  • Learning to push back and maintaining boundaries
  • Making mistakes and learning along the way
  • Why maintaining business relationships are so important
  • Understanding the market and implementing the right idea at the right time
  • How small business owners end up spending more in the long run by choosing a cheaper option for video content
  • How important it is to love the industry you’re working in so you can give it your best
  • Trying to maintain a normalcy in life with such a demanding career

Notable moments:

15:00 – Well, I’ve made so many mistakes. The fortunate part was that I had already been in the industry for 10 years before I started my company so I had a good gauge of the market, what others were charging. So I think that’s usually a good starting point. However, even with that knowledge, it was very important for me in the beginning to just get clients.

34:00 – When the brands started to realize:
1- We had just started and had no track record and views yet and
2- When they realized it was all online and all on YouTube. And back in 2014 most of the brands we met with were not interested on YouTube. It’s so fascinating to me now that 5 years out and everyone is on YouTube. I’ve always been a little early, you know.

40:00 – I think it’s great and terrible at the same time. I’m a big learner and I love going to conferences. I spent years going to the US. For my industry you go to different events even in Europe. I always came back very excited with a lot of ideas and wanted to implement them. As a result, I have implemented very early for this market. So, it’s just about whether or not you can keep the momentum going. I was very fortunate with Dubai on Demand. In 2014, no one was ready for that. I am fortunate to have a second coming with that in the last two years. But there was definitely a phase in the middle where it was very disheartening and I was thinking, “Am I doing the right thing?”

1:04:12 – I am a big believer in not having any regrets. I might make the wrong decisions but atleast I made the decisions.

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