Saad Umerani on Building Protein Bakeshop, Making Investments & Attracting the Best People

November 10, 2019

About This Episode

The Forward Thinking People Podcast with Namita Ramani, Saad Umerani, venture capitalist and the co-founder of Protein Bakeshop talks to us today about how he got Protein Bakeshop into Starbucks, what it takes to attract and motivate people who really believe in your brand, and the right way to make investments in businesses.

Things we discuss:

  • Choosing to become a part of Protein Bakeshop
  • The right way to pick who you get funding from
  • Attracting & retaining the right team with limited resources
  • Challenges of growing a start-up
  • Predicting growth and revenue
  • The importance of taking care of your team
  • How Protein Bakeshop got into Starbucks
  • Being a venture capitalist
  • How to choose businesses to invest in

Notable moments:

(8:55): When I first started investing, I used to look for product, and i think that was the biggest mistake. You should look for people.

(16: 43): Not all money is the same. If you are a food business, Saad’s money is more valuable than Namita’s money. if you’re a digital business, your $1000 is more valuable than my money.

(44:29): If you as an owner are coming from a Honda to a Ferrari, let the guy next to you also come into a Mercedes. We have this habit… I want the plane, but this guy should stay in a Honda – nobody will want to work for you, everybody wants to grow themselves as well.


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