[The Forward Thinking People Podcast] Namita Ramani on What it Takes to Run a Thriving Business Online with Dhiren Bhatia

August 19, 2020

About This Episode

A while ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to be featured on Dhiren Bhatia’s Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast – an exceptional series that invites successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share their insights and experiences on what it takes to run a profitable business.

My journey in Dubai started when I decided to launch my own digital agency in 2004 and got firsthand experience in the kind of challenges aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners face. If there’s something I’ve learned from running my own agency, it’s the need to constantly evolve and adapt business and marketing strategies with time. Now more than ever!

In this episode, Dhiren and I had an in-depth discussion on everything from how you can market your business using different online platforms, to what kind of digital marketing campaigns should you be focusing on and how you can quality drive traffic to your website effectively.

Notable Moments:

22:50 – So you know a lot of clients come to us and I asked them so who is the target market? It is everyone. Everyone cannot be your target market. It has to be a particular kind of person who is your target market.

33:59 – You should know the goal of your campaign, what exactly do you want to achieve by running a digital marketing campaign? Like if you have a store, do you want people to come to the store? Then it’s a different kind of campaign. Do you want to get phone calls? That’s a different kind of campaign. Do you want to receive leads as email addresses and phone numbers like full leads like proper persons interested in your product or service? That’s a lead generation campaign. In eCommerce, we usually run sales based campaign because it’s an online eCommerce system right? You can run a campaign driving traffic to the website and making actually as the conversion-based campaign. So for different businesses, different kinds of campaigns, so one know your goal. No digital campaign should be without a revenue KPI.

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