Warsha Joshi on How to build a Business that lasts

July 4, 2024

About This Episode

With over four decades of experience, Warsha has scaled multiple ventures to seven-figure revenues and navigated complex family business dynamics for sustainable growth.

Her leadership earned her business a spot among the top ten Great Places to Work in the MENA region. Warsha’s expertise, certified mentoring, and masterful communication skills make her a powerhouse in business strategy.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction to Forward Thinking People Podcast
02:28 Varsha’s Early Life and Family Business Challenges
05:33 Starting from Scratch: The Salon Journey
07:03 Building a Business Legacy
14:36 Transition to Dubai and Health Challenges
16:01 Creating a Great Place to Work
17:43 Remote Work Culture and Team Engagement
23:18 The Human Element in Business Management
25:46 Discovering a Passion for Coaching
26:13 Reflecting on Entrepreneurial Challenges
26:57 The Importance of Asking for Help
27:21 Balancing Multiple Roles in Business
28:18 The Value of Mentorship and Coaching
29:13 Building a Strong Team
31:07 Advisory Boards for Family Businesses
34:50 Succession Planning in Family Businesses
45:15 The Reality of Running a Business
50:49 The Importance of Upskilling
55:14 Final Thoughts

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