Your website is a 24×7 sales machine.
That’s why we place great importance on how websites are designed.

Built To Convert

Every website project we undertake starts with a strategic wireframe, where we determine the key call to action points and work on the best way to guide users to take action.

We start with a face to face consultation to understand your main objective – what do you really want visitors to do once they come to your website?

We then offer a complimentary session to create a strategic menu structure – the goal is to allow visitors to find what they are looking for in the least amount of time possible.

Once we are ready with the skeleton, we move on to bringing this strategy to life with beautiful and breathtaking design.

Based on our past performance, websites that have been designed by Above Digital have shown a minimum of 10% conversion from their web traffic – which means out of every 5,000 visitors, you should be getting at least 50 leads.

Tracked For Results

We use heat map tools and scroll maps to consistently track user behaviours on every website we make.

This gives us outstanding insight into:

  • How visitors are navigating the website
  • Their main areas of interest
  • What can be improved to increase conversion rates

With years of experience, we now have an almost animal instinct on what works and what doesn’t – which is why most of our websites dramatically improve the number of actions that are taken, almost immediately.

Based on our tracking, we regularly advise our clients on optimisations they can make to increase the results from their website even further.

You can be sure that what you’re getting is not just a website, it’s a lead generating machine!

Fool Proof Management

At Above Digital, we believe websites should be easy to navigate – not just for the visitors, but for the people managing it as well.

We build websites using the WordPress platform, making it easy for owners to manage their own content and make changes whenever they need to.

All of our sites include:

  • Responsive design
  • Custom blog section
  • SEO friendly practices
  • Easy lead form management systems

Based on your requirements, we offer various add-on’s that can help enhance your website even further – whether it’s e-commerce integration or online booking systems, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Site and Responsive Design
Consistency Is Key

Smartphones have quickly overtaken desktop browsing as the most popular method for viewing websites. We ensure your website has strong appeal on all platforms: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. We will design your responsive website with all users in mind.

At Above Digital, we’ll work with you so that your website offers the most pleasant and optimal experience for users on a variety of devices.

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