Matt Farr on Leaving his Banking Job to Establishing his Adventure Travel Company, Mountain Quests

March 9, 2020

About This Episode

Matt Farr talks to us on how he left a high-paying banking job to follow his real passions of mountaineering and exploration that finally led him to establish his own adventure travel company, Mountain Quests. He shares how being open to ideas and being a risk-taker helped him convert his true passion for adventure travel into a profitable business.

Things we discuss:

  • How a holiday plan to Thailand landed him to a doctor and opened his eyes towards a whole new lifestyle
  • What made him leave a high-paying banking job and establish an adventure travel company without any business plan
  • How being open to ideas and being a risk-taker helped him find his true passion
  • Learning to tread slowly and making sure that it’s a solid business.
  • Opening up to new kinds of clientele like schools
  • Learning to be an entrepreneur through the power of relationship-building
  • Working with your competitors and helping each other grow
  • Why credibility and trust is the most important factor when it comes to convincing
  • Being innovative when it comes to offering bespoke experiences
  • Finding the right business partner at the right time
  • Why seeking help is so important
  • How investing in your skill and yourself is the best thing you can do

Notable Moments

(10:31) – I had the idea. I was presented with this opportunity and then I really had to learn how to set up a business and how to be an entrepreneur. Because from my entire life, going to school, going to work, I was molded into being an employee who is successful. Who works for a bis business, big company, a bank. And that’s my path. That’s what I was told by everyone is what you do in life. And I just accepted that

(13:40) – In a small business, you wear so many hats. And you have to explain that to people you hire.

(17:02) – I love it! Students are different prospects to adults. So as an adult, we have been molded a certain way, either by ourselves or by society, and it’s much harder for us to break that mold. Whereas a child or a young adult, they are still open. They are still learning. They are still trying to find in the world and see things. So to watch a student have this transformation with their teachers and friends on this journey is very rewarding.

(27: 14) – Gone are the days when people wanted to be sold to. Nowadays it’s all about sharing value. And that’s how we try to approach things.


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